Protecting & Growing our defense future

Michigan’s defense industry plays a vital role in our economy. 105,000 Michigan jobs, in all 83 counties, are connected to the defense industry in some way.

LG Calley and the Michigan Defense Center are actively working to protect our defense assets and seek growth opportunities through a strategic plan known as Protect and Grow.

The goal is to support our state’s position as a national defense industry leader while attracting diversified investment, making the most out of our current assets in the industry, and targeting fields like aerospace technology, lightweight materials, and driverless vehicles.

The plan was announced in June at the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Policy Conference on Mackinac Island.

Today, LG Calley toured the Air National Guard and Ft. Custer Training Bases in Battle Creek, kicking off a statewide tour to explain the plan and discuss opportunities for growth in the industry today.

LG Calley visited the 110th Attack Wing at Air National Guard Battle Creek, the Ft. Custer Educational Facility, and the Air Operations Center.

To dig deeper into the role the defense industry plays in Battle Creek, LG Calley held a conversation with Col. Bryan Teff of the 110th Michigan National Guard Wing, Joe Sobieralski of Battle Creek Unlimited, and T.R. Shaw of Shaw Communications. They spoke to members of the Air National Guard at the base what Protect and Grow can do to help make it an even more vital player.

LG Calley thanked the members of the Air National Guard for their service to their state and their country and for playing a role in what he calls one of the “big 4” industries.

The Protect and Grow tour will continue across the state, including a visit to the Michigan Defense Center Headquarters on Thursday. To learn more about the plan and our defense economy visit

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