Roles Reversed on Swearing-In Day

State Rep. Julie Calley is ceremonially sworn into office by Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Stephen Markman, as LG Calley and Julie’s mom Marge Powell look on.

Today, LG Calley had the honor of participating in the ceremonial swearing-in day in the Michigan House of Representatives. In the past, LG Calley has participated as Lt. Governor and previously as a state representative himself, but today he proudly participated in a new capacity- as husband.

Today, Julie Calley was ceremonially sworn into office as a new state representative and LG Calley couldn’t be more proud. Julie will be the state representative for the 87th District, which LG Calley previously held from 2007 to 2010.

LG Calley and Rep. Calley are pictured with Gov. Snyder and Rep. Calley’s staffers on swearing-in day in the Capitol.

It’s quite unique for a husband/wife duo to serve in the executive and legislative branches of state government at the same time. While there have been examples of spouses serving in different branches of the Legislature at the same time, this is the first time Michigan has had a married lieutenant governor and state representative.

LG Calley and Rep. Calley recently sat down with Kathy Gray from the Detroit Free Press to discuss their unique new adventure.

Although people may think Julie is following in LG Calley’s footsteps, it’s really Julie’s family with a long-history of public service. Julie’s grandfather and great-grandfather also held the same House seat that she now holds.

“One of the most important things my grandfather left behind was a team approach. He worked at a time when legislators would help each other out and the senior ones would really mentor the freshmen. But six years in and six years out presents some difficulties,” she said, referring to the three, two-year term limits in the House of Representatives that are mandated in Michigan’s constitution.

LG Calley couldn’t be more proud of Rep. Calley and looks forward to seeing what she accomplishes in the Michigan House of Representatives. The people of the 87th House District are in great hands.

Constituents in the 87th District can connect with state Rep. Julie Calley at

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