Starting Fresh in the Jewish New Year

On Sunday, LG Calley was invited to participate in ‘Rosh Hashanah on the River,’ a community event on the Detroit Riverfront hosted by the Jewish Federation and The Well. There is great value in learning of the values and customs of other religions and cultures and LG Calley was honored to be invited to this event.

The event brought more than 1,000 Jewish families together to celebrate the Jewish New Year and participate in a community Tashlich ceremony on the River. Tashlich is a ceremony where bread or bread crumbs are thrown into the river (or any body of water) to symbolize casting away of your sins to start fresh in the new year.

Rabbi Dan Horwitz also led the group in a community-wide rendition of blowing the shofar or ram’s horn, with kazoos. The event comes after the Well’s month-long campaign to #Reflect4Rosh, a social media effort meant to encourage people to reflect on their lives and their sins leading into the new year. Rabbi Dan and the Well are continuing to come up with unique ways to engage the Jewish Community and Sunday’s event was just another example of that.

LG Calley wants to wish all Jewish Michiganders a happy healthy new year and a safe fast as Yom Kippur arrives this week.

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