New Year Same Me?

This year we as a class are embarking on an entirely new path in senior studio with an intensive in concepts of transition design and various manifestations of the wicked problems associated with the world today. What is eye opening about what we are doing is that it allows for a greater appreciation of what we being CMU students have the ability to do for the world. I however am apprehensive, I worry about my skills in this field and I worry about what do I really have to offer. Sometimes I wonder does my background limit me to design for all ‘all’ when I have not seen nor experienced ‘all’. Long story short how do I know what I am doing is actually effective and not just someone with privilege tricking herself into thinking they are making a difference.

The curriculum that the school of design operates on and the mission statement associated is much more ephemeral than what it preached years ago, now don’t get me wrong that’s not a bad thing. At times I struggle with maintaining this head in the design clouds far future superman way of thought and because of that I feel uncomfortable. I need to break the cycle and think not only outside of the box so to speak but think outside of a box that I’ve never seen that is 10 years in the future…

What we are doing with transition design is objectively pivotal, not only for us as young malleable designers, but as the generation that will be the ones shaping the world to come in the next decade or two. Transition design is the fighting force against the worlds wicked problems that for the longest time no one wanted to nor knew how to tackle. Now we know that equation or at least have a better idea of how to solve it. But can I do that? I’m not so sure quite yet.

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