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English Literature and History student in the north of England. Contact me:

A magazine contacted me, just days after I made a vision board

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1. You’re forced to seriously think about what you want in life…

and this week, and this month, and this year

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How to invest when you cannot afford to invest

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But where do I get the money to invest?

13. Flashiness=stupidity

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1. Electricity is expensive- turn it off at the plug

How to achieve your financial goals and not hate your partner.

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Assess your hobbies as a couple

Lavish luxury is not born exclusively from money- it is a mindset

The Great Gatsby from Indiewire

“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.” — Dave Ramsay

The class of 2020 do not really have a fair chance

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Commentary on all the books I have read last year

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How to achieve financial security at any age

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Ways to make 2021 infinitely better than 2020

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