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A magazine contacted me, just days after I made a vision board

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You would not believe the number of amazing opportunities that came my way a mere few weeks after making my vision board. Whether you believe in the theories behind manifestation or not, a visual reminder each morning to get up and work on your goals will inherently make your goals more tangible.

Here’s what happens when you make a vision board (in my experience):

1. You’re forced to seriously think about what you want in life…

…which you don’t always get the opportunity to sit down and do.

You can approach your vision board in one of two ways. You can make a short-term (yearly) vision board or a long term one. Stop and ponder what you would like to do for a living in 5 years, what your dream house looks like, what car you’ll drive, what your day will look like in 10 years, what you want your net worth to be etc. …

Lavish luxury is not born exclusively from money- it is a mindset

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Luxury is not a treat afforded exclusively to millionaires. It is a state of mind and the result of thoughtful curation of objects and intentional habits. By investing in your atmosphere through delicate sifting at the thrift store and creating magic every day, you will lead a life of luxury and opulence without living above your means.

“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.” — Dave Ramsay

The best way to create luxury in your life is to stop buying the things you do not care about to fit in. …

The class of 2020 do not really have a fair chance

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The pandemic has negatively affected us all, and not necessarily by University students the worse. However, the impact on University students is a relatively undocumented one.

Here in the UK, University education is not compulsory, and so it is not treated with the same severity as primary and secondary school education. However, we are still grouped into the category of education, and therefore had our place of study closed down during the first lockdown.

While those who were not working had the furlough scheme, whereby they would receive 80% of their income while not working, we students had almost the opposite. We were not receiving high-quality teaching, with seminars and lectures being almost entirely canceled due to the University being unable to adapt to online learning. …

Commentary on all the books I have read last year

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At the beginning of 2020, I set out to read 36 books in total. With the idea that I could read 3 books a month, or one book every 10 days. Using Goodreads to track the books I read, I can see that while I did not reach that goal, I did read 27, which is the most I have ever read in a year.

If you read any of the same books, I would love to know your thoughts. This will be in chronological order of when I read them. A 3-star book is a solid good book for me, a 2 star is just “okay” or slightly problematic. …

How to achieve financial security at any age

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If you look around, more and more students are setting up side-hustles by selling handmade items on Etsy or picking up casual shifts in the shops.

Often, income streams or side hustles are presented online to be extravagant, entrepreneurial ventures when, in reality, anyone can have a side hustle or second income stream, no matter your entrepreneurial capabilities.

The average millionaire has 7 income streams. This does not mean millionaires should be the only ones to have multiple income streams, quite the contrary. Students or those generally with less access to money should be taking advantage of the benefits of earning money in multiple ways. …

Ways to make 2021 infinitely better than 2020

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Although not for everyone, the new year can be the perfect reason to implement some new habits and routines. There is something about the luxury and excessiveness of the holidays that perfectly suit a period of discipline and action.

Such resolutions can take the form of anything from budgeting to friend-making. Ultimately, just picking two or three of these resolutions will make for some more effective goal setting.

1. Read more

An investigation researching the effects of reading on those suffering from depression arrived at the conclusion that reading is a stimulating, meaningful, challenging activity which at once helped them to relax, putting personal thoughts aside, while also encouraging increased concentration and attention.”

December does not need to be the notoriously expensive month that it tends to be

Christmas and December can cause people financial headaches from the beginning of the year. However, the festive period does not need to be as expensive as in the past; in fact, through embracing the magic of Christmas and all the festivities, it may even be possible to save money compared to months such as November.

By embracing the Christmas crafts, hitting outlets, and finding new ways to entertain yourself, Christmas and December can be equal parts magical and frugal.

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1. Going for festive walks with a reusable coffee cup

Going for walks this time of year is just some sort of magic. The lights and the frosty weather makes the outdoors so much more enticing than the soggy autumn we experience here in the UK. …

And other ideas to make money

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As a completely average University student, my priority is not building multiple income streams or earning lots of money on the side but studying hard to get my degree and have a great CV for job hunting. Nonetheless, I have four current methods of putting money in my bank account, with a couple that are entirely scalable. In the end, you will see other ways I earned money when I was younger and in high school.

All these sources of income came to me quite gradually; I did not go to University and set these income streams up straight away. Yet, it has transpired that two years into my degree, I have four streams of income, two of which I will be able to bring with me when I graduate, no matter what job I land. …

And what gifts I’m giving my friends and family members

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Giving gifts should be the source of great joy, not stress, and panic. Such panic can be prevented by planning and also stealing ideas from others, so enjoy. If you want a one-size-fits-all approach to gift-giving, then you may want to read this below:

Here is exactly what I am buying for my friends and family this year. Feel free to pinch these ideas!


A home magazine subscription. £20 for one years’ worth

Coasters. £6 from TK Maxx


Knitted jumper. £20 from TK Maxx


Hip flask. £12 from TK Maxx


A book. £8.99

Best friend(s)

Book. £4.99

Mug. £2.50

Trinket dish. £2.50


Stop spending a small fortune on clothes while still saying you have nothing to wear

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Clothes shopping will always be an exciting way to spend our time for some of us. No financial guru can convince me to wear the same outfit everyday to save money: I’m a fashion historian for god's sake! However, there are many habits that can be picked up, and others neglected, in order to dress chic and fashionably without wasting all your money on clothes.

Prioritise your basics over the exciting trends

I used to always be attracted to the sparkly, exciting new trends that I think are a new classic. They never are.

You spend an inflated price on them to wear them a handful of times just to have them either fall apart or if they last that long, sit in your wardrobe unworn. …

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