4 Surprising Online Slots Myths

Gamblers are constantly looking for that extra edge. Who can blame us? It’s completely understandable, yet this leads many players into making expensive mistakes thinking that they can actually improve their chances of winning. Most slot myths fall into two main cateogires: theories about the casinos, the machines, or the next spin and myths about winning systems that do not exist.

It’s better to dispel the idea that there’s a way to enhance your luck at online slots or land-based slots. All spins are governed by the RNG system which ensures honesty in gambling. Every game out there, from poker to craps, roulette or blackjack uses this system.

One slot machine you’ve just left gave a jackpot to the next person. You could have won if you kept playing.

One thing most gamblers don’t know is that online slots have system that calculate number even when the game is not being played. In other words, it doesn’t stop. Ever. Press play and you’ll get the combination the RNG chooses at that given time. Even if someone won a huge amount of money, chances are you couldn’t have been there in that exact milisecond when the RNG picked the winning combination. Those odds are extremely unlikely.

You can’t enhance your chances of winning

Even this sounds diametrically opposed to the advice from above, it’s actually not. You can always choose the types of online slots to play, and some of them offer better odds than others. For instance, a slot with fixed jackpot always offers you more chances of winning than a progressive jackpot. On the same note, slots with higher denominations offer better odds than their counterparts. Slots with plenty of extras and video bonuses pay out less. That’s because you spin less reels per hour and the casino takes advantage of that.

The Symbols Can Tell the Odds of Winning

Even though the RNG generates a random number per each spin, it corresponds to the symbols on the reel. The thing is, hundreds of virtual stops can be there for each spin, but you see fewer symbols.

Online slots have RNGs that generate hundreds of millions of combinations, and that’s a reason why those games offer incredibly high payouts — the chances of actually hitting one are very rare. Virtual stops — remember that. Now you know how casinos finance those whopping jackpots.

Online Casinos Can Alter Percentage Payouts

No one can do this. Online slots give payouts based on their computer chip. Such things are preset and cannot be changed. If you want to change that, you need to change the ship. There are strict regulations and casinos need a license to be fully functional. Who would risk hard earned licensed just for a few extra bucks when they can become reputable and still earn those bucks? Most casinos are extremely happy with their house edge, which is great profit.

Make sure you read the terms and conditions before you register at an online casino. Make sure it’s legitimate!

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