How to Ride a Skateboard

Skateboarding is one of the most popular street kinds of sports among people of different ages. Therefore, no matter whether you are a teenager or over 20, if you really wish to learn this thrilling and exciting sport, nothing can stop you. Yet, still there are still some basic instructions that should be followed to avoid potential risks and injuries, thus learning to ride a skateboard in the right and cool way at the same time.

Tips and tricks

  1. Be ready to fall: safety — without any hesitations, absolutely every single kind of sport is dangerous and therefore, if you are a beginner — suit up properly. All this is needed, as at the very beginning of learning how to move and brake, you will fall and fall many times. Consequently, consider wearing knee/elbow pads to protect legs and hands, helmet to protect a head;
  2. Don’t rush to go to the street — the best location to practice balance and coordination skills on your new skateboard is the grass or perhaps even a carpet at home. When jumping on the skateboard for the very first time, you will feel a bit shake and that’s the time when you should start balancing. In case, if you fall, the ground will be soft, as it is either grass or a carpet. Apart from just balancing on the skateboard, you can also try to stand with either right or left leg forward and understand which position is the most comfortable for you personally. Once you feel ready — it is time to go out and try everything you have tried in real;
  3. Simple movements — imagine that you are walking and when you wish to move the skateboard in order to ride it, just take a front foot and make a step forward. The wrong situation would be to push a skateboard away as it leads to loss of control and coordination.
  4. How to brake — there are several ways to stop, yet the one that is the safest for novices is the following: just take a back foot of the board and put it on the ground as if slowing down. Practice it at a slow speed, so that when you ride fast you know for sure how to stop, thus not hurt yourself;
  5. Never give up — as the practice shows, skateboarding is not the easiest kind of sports as it requires lots and lots of patience and practice. That’s why when something doesn’t work from the first time, just give it some time and very soon you will see so-desirable results.
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