Congratulations, then you are one of few.
Carmen Ortiz

I mentioned it because it was a family BBQ held for close family and friends, and it was chronologically speaking the “last” social lunch that I had had. (You had asked the poster when the “last” time was that she had invited a person of a different “color” for lunch) And I did mention that the lunch had been about 3 weeks ago, not ‘once’.

A white person having a black lover is perhaps, in most circles, more eyebrow-raising than simply inviting a friend to lunch irrespective of her skin color, I would think? But forget that BBQ then— Our Christmas family lunches always include our Hindu friends, (old college friends) complete with making special vegan food just for them, not to mention that also usually included are at least one colored couple who are work friends of ours. …and they often invite us to their homes for tea/drinks or dinner too — I have no idea why you think that “colors” everywhere don’t mix. Possibly you think this of religions too? Shock and surprise! We have Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, Jewish, and even bigger shock and surprise, secular and ATHEIST !gasp! friends too — and sometimes these people actually mix — and we’re all still alive. All it takes is a slightly broader view.

My point is that you asked if the person (which you obviously assume is a white person) would ever invite a woman of a different “skin color” for lunch. That question presupposes a lot: it presupposes that it should be something strange for her, and it presupposes that everybody, as you and the writer of the other article obviously do, see all other people in terms of “skin color”. I suspect that, from what you say in your reply, this might be the norm where YOU live, but what I am trying to tell you, is that that is not the norm everywhere, and not with everyone, so it would be nice if you’d accede that there exists other paradigms outside the one that you apparently find yourself in.

I don’t want to fight with you, and apologies if my tone at times sounds a bit hostile, but I feel saddened when I see colored or hispanic people drive in an artificial wedge where there needn’t be one.

PS. I was not the person that you had originally addressed the question to, but I replied because I am white, and I’m just tired of people assuming that I and ALL other whites are racist simply by virtue of the fact that we are white. Believe me, I, for one, am not. Oh, and since you brought sexual orientation into the mix, I don’t see why having gay friends is salient to the discussion… what has that got to do with the original issue that you seemed to accuse a person you don’t even know, of racism? I also have gay friends of both genders, (although admittedly not a drag queen), but I fail to see what that has to do with the veiled racism accusation.

Once again, I don’t want to be in a confrontation with you. I’m merely trying to ask you to concede that there’s a big wide world out there where things aren’t just black and white, but an entire spectrum of hues and shades and colors inbetween. :)

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