Quiet Books for Early Childhood Education

I am a mom of a beautiful little girl, whom I love more than anything else and anyone else. As any other mother, I try to do whatever I can for her to be happy and healthy. I am very lucky because I can afford to stay home with my daughter until she turns 3 years old and will be ready to leave me, stress free, for a half day or more.

When I was pregnant I told myself I was not going to amuse my child with the study of colours, numbers, and other mundane things, believing that kids learn such things by themselves as they grow. However, when my daughter was born, I realised that I had no idea what games should be played with a newborn (later a toddler) and I wanted activities that would be age-appropriate (not too hard, not too easy, but simply interesting) for my child at the various stages of her life.

It is a well-known fact that during the first few years of a child’s life, his or her brain is like a sponge. When engaged in enriching activities, they will make significant strides in physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. However, it is very important that education is presented in the form of a game and that the focus is on sparking interest and curiosity and having fun.

I am not going to go into details and tell how important is to help your child to learn, to play with him or her and be genuinely involved and interested in whatever you are playing or doing. I am sure that every mother knows how hard it is to keep a child entertained, busy and engaged in an activity.

I decided to sew a soft book for my bub when she was six months old. My first book was very small — only 15 x 15 cm, a mere 12 pages. But my daughter loved it and we still play with it quite often, so I became inspired to make another one for her.

The soft baby book offers hands-on experience in recognizing shapes, buttoning, snapping, braiding, and distinguishing textures. It is a good sensory toy for a baby, helping to develop their fine motor and cognitive skills, colour and form identification, behaviour and mental logic, as well as imagination.

I want to share with you a second book that I’ve made for my little one. If you like it I am more than happy to share my patterns and give you any information you need to make your own book.

This book was made a year ago for my daughter’s first birthday, and she has been playing with it almost every day since then! I am pretty sure it is noticeable on some of my photos.

Activities: Story time (3 fairy tales), learning colours, picking/growing fruits and vegetables, a maze, fishing, and playing with farm animals are just a few possibilities. Many others exist — just use your imagination.

Regular playing with these or similar “quiet books” will help a child with fine motor skills development, coordination, speech development, learning patience, developing pre-reading skills, and much more.

Book specifications:

Size is 24.5 x 24.5 cm

12 pages

81 detachable elements (including elements for 3 fairy tales)

Materials used:

1. Cotton fabric

2. Felt/acrylic and blended wool

3. Sewing threads

4. Needles

5. Scissors

6. Glue

7. Eyelets

8. Sewing machine

9. Embellishments — Buttons, ribbon, snaps, magnetic snaps, magnets, beads, velcro, etc.

Cover Page
Pages 1 & 2 (side A)
Pages 1 & 2 (side A) — open view
Pages 3 & 4 (side A)
Pages 4 & 5 (side A)
Pages 5 & 6 (side A)
Pages 1 & 2 (side B)
Pages 3 & 4 (side B)
Pages 5 & 6 (side B)
Pages 6 & cover page (last page of side B)