Brexit: Opportunity for £1000s of Savings on Company Catering

A year ago, the nation’s economics were looking up. Optimism had taken over and companies were in buoyant mood in terms of investment and hiring intentions. What a contrasting set of events we find ourselves in today. The governor BoE has just wielded his magic wand in the hope things start again to look up again.

There’s all the hope they do! Amid all the doom and gloom, there’s also a scramble to see any ray of hope out of this serious and blue cloud cast over us. The food and drink sector is but one of the sectors that’s set to be positively impacted by Brexit.

One such opportunity is for companies that want to reinforce their in-house catering systems or organising company events looking out for even more savings than before. Holding onto companies’ core staff looks set to be critical to delivering the much needed productivity if companies are to boost their export sales.

At the back of the upbeat message from the chair of the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink (NSAFD), Paul Wilkinson while launching a new apprenticeship initiative at the house of commons recently; his upbeat message was a simple one, that Brexit will deliver “unique opportunities” for British food and drink manufacturers to boost exports benefiting from the lower pound, while allowing the industry to develop unfettered by the chains of EU red tape.

While the message was looking for outward opportunities that will open up, looking at it together with new BoE initiatives and the chancellors yet to be announced but much anticipated new programs in investment and financing in national infrastructure, this looks like the dawn of a new era of investment and savings for companies. To support the new export opportunities, companies have to be bold in way of holding onto their core workforce.

Companies can well continue to look at a previous anonymous research for Quick Buffet that highlighted the fact U.K companies could be losing out on average as much as £1900 annually by not employing proactive methods when sourcing business catering for example.

The U.K economy has transformed remarkably with record low interest rates and relatively lower fuel costs. This follows on from recent spike in demand for corporate catering services partly explained by the need for companies to cajole their core work force in an effort to bolster productivity and keep morale high. We well know that company catering schemes are central to building this much needed morale boosting initiatives. Many companies however continue to lose money simply for not planning ahead their company catering needs.

“We continue to see most company managers faced with a myriad of critical business priorities planning for catering is rightly down their list more so amid the current economic uncertainty” says Joas Serugga CEO of an Online Buffet Planning and Ordering platform. “Business managers will now however be delighted to now that there is now a number of tools they can deploy when planning company’s annual catering needs well in advance that also support staff engagement with prospective caterers” Joas says

There is now a growing movement towards renewed interest in the U.Ks self-reliance on food supplies following Brexit beyond the common Agricultural Policy. We might well continue to see fresher locally sourced foods into our menus. Local in many ways transforms into cheaper prices.

Part of delivering these savings lies in managers planning ahead, ensuring they negotiate better deals with caterers to meet specific event needs. This way, they can enjoy a great spread of mouth-watering, delicious and diverse choice of menus at the same time at a cut price. Many know that with last minute orders, most caterers will charge a premium for example on a next day buffet or indeed a same day buffet of up to twice that planned ahead and only on a limited choice of menus.

Thankfully, tech tools are now out there that come with smart ways for finding planning and ordering catering services from an extensive database of carefully selected professional business caterers all at the desk. Such tools now also ensure managers can plan for the entire company catering needs for a full year ahead wherever and whenever.

“What we’ve learned from feedback from business managers is that they need smart ways to plan their company catering, search, shortlist preferred caterers, and communicate with them wherever they are with ease and confidence which we’ve delivered” Joas comments. Such robust platforms help with easy staff engagement when planning company events which in the long help deliver just the right catering needs at the right price cutting out waste. For example, when any special dietary requirements are communicated swiftly, every guest’s need is catered for, less food is left on trays and managers pay for what’s right for the company event.

Planning can also come in the form of a centralised manner in which business managers manage company catering including managing all caterer selections, invoicing or simply keeping track of spending in one account centrally from the head office and additionally a one click reorder process. If this saves time, it certainly saves money too.

In the words of the new Environment secretary Andrea Leadsom, ‘while Brexit has brought some uncertainty, with it has also come huge opportunities’ however ever we see them.

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