Tracks You Should Be Listening to: 19/05/17

Travis Scott — Green and Purple

Travis Scott’s had a hectic week. He performed in Arkansas, allegedly incited a riot, and got arrested. (#freeTravisScott is trending on Twitter, no joke.) Somehow he found the time in the middle of all that to release three new tracks, in what has been the dopest courtroom-related hip hop incident since a New Zealand judge had to listen to Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ in its entirety.

Shallou — Truth

Singer/producer Shallou gives boring interviews. His cliched answers about making music to ‘connect’ with the audience sound like they were stitched together by an edm-themed chatbot. Luckily his music’s cool.

Slowdive — Sugar for the Pill

It’s been 22 years since the last Slowdive album. The band’s experiences in the interim — taking a break from the limelight, having kids — have added to their music rather than diluted it. Most impressively, the dream-pop icons are still pushing boundaries in a genre that they helped to create.

Fleet Foxes — Fool’s Errand

With a new album on the horizon, ‘Fool’s Errand’ sounds like an argument that Fleet Foxes are still relevant without drummer Josh Tillman (who you might know now as Father John Misty). It’s music video is also weird as shit.

Lana del Rey — Coachella — Woodstock in my Mind

The new one from Lana Del Rey sounds a lot like the old ones from Lana Del Rey. You know - smoky voice, lots of bass, lyrics inspired by 60s rock. But she has grown as a lyricist. (Case in point: ‘Maybe my contribution could be as small as hoping’.)

On Instagram, del Rey wrote that the song came about because she had “complex feelings about spending the weekend dancing whilst watching tensions w North Korea mount”. Me too, Lana. Me too.