The Road Never Traveled

On January 3rd, 2016 I started putting together a list of things I wanted to tackle in 2016 — my New Years Resolutions, if you will. As someone who has blogged on and off, it was natural to scrawl a giant ‘blog more’ at the top of my page.

I’ve had my own domain and blog for a while. I’ve written silly articles, attempts at tutorials and even critical think pieces. I like writing, and I am content to release pieces of work even if no one reads them. Putting ‘blog more’ just felt so right.

It’s January 7th and this is my first blog of the year, although it isn’t how I envisioned it. You see, a friend was graciously hosting my WordPress blog on his server and today he told me the server was coming down. I backed up the database of posts, looked around for a new (cheap) hosting provider and then stopped.

Every time I’ve read an article on Medium, I came away smarter and happier for it. Not to mention, I’ve marveled at the design and typography employed every time. It’s truly a new and wondrous platform waiting to be explored.

So I’m abandoning WordPress and embarking on an adventure with Medium. How’s that for New Year, New Me?

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