Johan is not dead; he just transferred to Heaven FC

The news says Johan Cruyff died today, I am not sure it is true.

You see… Johan Cruyff is one of those soccer players and coaches who changed the game forever. He cannot be dead; he cannot be dead.

Johan lives in each croqueta done by Iniesta, and every player in the world, from the dusty fields of Nairobi, to the manicured fields of England.

Johan lives in each long possession executed by Barca, and every team playing in the world, from the south of Argentina to the north of Canada.

Johan lives in every high pressure done by Messi, and every academy training in the narrow fields of Japan to the vast fields of Australia.

Johan lives in his diamond formation, executed to perfection by Busquets, Robben, Verratti or Thiago Alcantara.

You see… when you give so much for a sport loved by so many, you never die. The word is that Johan transferred to play on God’s team in all coming seasons.

We must say to Johan: Thank you for everything you have done for soccer, the sport is better because of you, and our smiles are bigger, and our goals are better.

And for those tears streaming down the cheeks of so many, Johan, those are “see you” soon and nothing more, because our hearts are full of the joy you gave to soccer.

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