What I Learned from Attempting Suicide That Will Instantly Improve Your Quality of Life

It’s so easy and yet completely uncommon in today’s world!

NOTE: Thirty Sleeping Pills Didn’t Kill Me, They Saved Me!

Realizing my thoughts created my depression was when I woke up to thinking can also fix the hell I thought myself in to.

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your habits, for they become your character. 
And watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.
- Margaret Thatcher

It took a few years after swallowing a bottle of sleeping pills to actually realize the power that lies within us. This power isn’t something we’re rewarded for when growing up; rather it’s snuffed out until we conform with our societal surroundings.

If you ask any neurologist, my multiple sclerosis (MS) is the perpetrator to blame for lowering my serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in our brains that regulates many things including mood.

Talking with many psychologists, naturopaths, researchers, and other mental health professionals over the years, my entire perception of the world did a complete “U-Turn.”

1. Don’t Follow Society — Be Yourself

Have you ever baked cookies before? By using the same cookie cutter throughout the process, all of your cookies are going to be the same. With the ones that break or “don’t turn out right,” those are discarded.

Through the systems we live in, we’re all meant to be the same. If you turn out to be a free-thinker like me, a broken cookie, then society will naturally discard you.

I attempted suicide because I DID become that perfect “cookie” society expected me to become. I’m not meant to be a cookie! I’m meant to be a bag of Tropical Starbursts or a pile of burnt crumbs; anything but that average and ordinary cookie.

You’re not meant to be a cookie either, you were meant to become so much more than what other people turned you in to by force!

2. Don’t Listen to Average People — Look at the Source

Would you learn finances from someone who’s broke? Would you be physically fit by taking advice from someone who’s obese? Would you take life advice from someone who can’t stop whining and complaining about every little thing?

You probably said “no” to all three questions, but yet, as a whole, we actually do the exact opposite and learn from those who’ve never successfully done what they preach to us.

This world is full of average people who think they know it all. Those who know the least will be the first to force their flawed opinion on you.

Start looking at the source of information and judge it based solely on that. I wasn’t smart enough years ago to realize that age doesn’t equal wisdom. I also wasn’t smart enough to know how easy it is to find real facts online.

The depression I chose to create came because I chose to take advice from people who were clueless about what they were telling me. This reaffirms #1 above to “Be Yourself.”

Average people will give you average advice so you too can become just as average as they are!

Just because an authority figure says something doesn’t make it true. Look at their life and results. Question everyone!

3. Don’t Blame Anyone but Yourself — Take 100% Responsibility

“It’s not your fault…You’re not to blame…You didn’t do anything wrong…”

Any of these statements seem familiar to you?

If you’re not 100% responsible for your life, than who is? There are nearly 8 Billion people out there, we personally can’t be responsible for everyone!

When certain events happen, our thoughts and our thoughts alone will determine our actions. What’s cool about that is our actions and inactions create the results we experience in life.

If I was average and didn’t take responsibility for my thoughts, what’s stopping me from blaming you for my depression?

Once I realized my crap life was my fault, that’s when everything instantly changed. I now have control over my life; I’m not giving power to others to determine how my life will work out.

I Tried Killing Myself Only To Thrive!

You don’t have to attempt suicide in order to realize this. Learn from my experience and begin thinking for yourself. Unlearn being average because you’re not an average cookie, you’re meant to be way more than that.

Just because you grew up in the area of the world you did, doesn’t mean you have to be like them. Be the best you you can possibly be. This path I chose to create for myself was a life changer for me!

If you have more advice people can learn from, comment below knowing you’ll positively impact someones life!