Rey is a Kenobi
Ben Ostrower

Believe whatever you want, mate. I don’t think JJ is this clever, no way. I’m sticking to my own theories to why Rey is a Skywalker.
The lightsaber calling to her.
R2D2 suddenly working when she’s near (some kinda skywalker lock?)
Kylo Ren saying he could see an island when reading Rey’s mind. Luke being on an island at the end of the movie.
The look on Rey’s face in the last scene.

The mother of Rey will probably end up gotten killed by the Knights of Ren or something.

It is an easy way to connect all the movies together, following the Skywalker line. Anakin in the prequels, Luke in the OT, now Rey.

She was sent to Jakku because the hate for sand skipped a generation…

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