Hollywood Torrent: Disney’s $52 billion deal, the end of net neutrality, sexpest insurance

  • 20th Century Fox, one of the largest film and TV studios in the world, brings ``The Simpsons,’’ Marvel, ``Star Wars’’ and ``Avatar’’ under one roof. While Netflix attempts to build a studio and library from the ground-up, Disney now owns two.
  • A majority stake in Hulu gives Disney control of one of the few real competitors to Netflix. Hulu’s owners — which also include Comcast and Time Warner — have clashed repeatedly, exploring a sale twice and shuffling through four chief executives officers in the last five years. Putting control in the hands of one shareholder could streamline decision making.
  • Regional sports networks can in some way boost Disney’s forthcoming ESPN online service, though Iger has said they won’t be part of it.

Hollywood buys sexpest insurance

Chris Palmeri and Anousha Sakoui wrote a must-read on Hollywood’s efforts to minimize its liability in future cases of sexual harassment:

Asian media interlude

Tencent Music is the dominant music service in China with more customers in that one country than Spotify has around the world, writes Lulu Chen.

The week that was was

1. ``Today’’ ratings have improved since Matt Lauer left the show.



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