Why Won’t You Make It Get Easier?

You could help in in this way

That’sfunny at all. A few days ago I didn’t fell nothing. A minor number of days ago I start to feel something.

And the days passed and my feelings just go round and round. ’Cause you don’t make the things easy. You make it all look easy, but just for some minutes before it all get hard and harder.

I know it’s hard. Not just for me, for you it’s harder. I can be a little selfish and just think about my pain. Because it hurts, and you know it hurts, but it hurts in you too.

I think in the same way. I know it hurts to you. But it also hurts to me.

It hurts to you? I really wish that the answer would be “yes”, because it could show that this love, or like, or “into you”, or something it could be, isn’t unilateral. I hope it isn’t unilateral.

You could make it get easier. I try to do it get easier, but you don’t do the same. And I hear the same from your lips. No one makes it easier.

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