Top 8 News Portals For Startups

Starting a company is hard work. With an industry success rate of merely 25%, you can expect that your first set of ideas may fail to turn into a viable product, never mind a viable business that produces regular revenue.

The best way to combat failure in the startup world is to tie your shoe laces up and learn from those who have walked the path before you. Being aware of what’s already out there in terms of existing startups that are flourishing in their current markets and those who are struggling to stay afloat can often determine the success or failure of a startup. The old adage, “knowledge is power” still rings true in today’s digitally motivated world.

Knowing the ins and outs of the startup ecosystem may help you dodge some commonly made mistakes, and moreover, can often help in your endeavours of finding future co founders, investors and advisors. Here are the top 8 news portals every startup team member should be following.

1. Venture Pulse Daily

Venture Pulse Daily is essentially convenient for a dynamic and busy startup team player. The news site delivers real time news to your mailbox in the morning and in the evening — just in time for your early commute to work and often tiring commutes home from work — ultimately taking the pain out of browsing.

The site also offers a weekend edition of their newsletters, so you can put down the broadsheet newspaper and enjoy an article or two online on a Sunday morning!

2. Techcrunch

While many of you are very familiar with the site Techcrunch, subscribing to its curated newsletters depending on how often you read content online may be of better convenience to you. Some founders like to catch up on news daily and others prefer to make Sunday their reading day. Techcrunch delivers 3 different types of subscriptions:

  • The Daily Crunch sends tech and innovation related stories to your inbox daily.
  • TC Weekly Roundup provides a recap of tech stories at the end of the week.
  • Crunchbase Daily details news on the latest funding.

Subscribe to one or all three of these depending on your preferences.

3. CB Insights

CBI uses humour to describe insights on latest ventures and early stage investors that are out there. It also touches on issues relating to economics and politics (lately a lot to do with Trump’s policies) and delivers them in an ironic manner. Another thing to keep in mind is that CBI newletters often contain sector specific research as opposed to just general news. Subscribers receive emails on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

4. Mattermark Daily

Mattermark Daily provides breakdowns, analysis and discussions on various topics in the context of entrepreneurship, targeting salespersons, entrepreneurs, and software engineers. The newsletter is delivered 3 times a week to your inbox.

5. First Round Review

First Round Review proves to be useful to those who are developing an early stage startup. They focus on sharing valuable lessons using examples of real companies. They send out newsletters daily.

6. StrictlyVC

StrictlyVC offers a brief but comprehensive daily run down of all the latest news on funding and the developments of top companies.

7. StartUs Magazine

StartUs Magazine is your daily dose of real time startup news across Europe and beyond. The blog provides Startup City Guides with information on entrepreneurial events and meet ups taking place in cities such as Stockholm, Vienna, Helsinki, Zurich, Milan and Moscow. As if that isn’t enough! StartUs Magazine also offers information on the latest start up accelator programmes worldwide. Take a look at the FinTech and CyberSecurity accelator programme based in Amsterdam this year.

8. Startup Digest

Startup Digest is designed specifically for startups, providing the latest news in the startup scene across the globe. Don’t have time to curate your own reading lists? Startup Digest organises important news within the tech industry into topic categories where unique reading lists are then created by members of the community. Check out this interesting reading list on everything you need to know on Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Startup Digest also operates as an efficient tool to promote events and organize meet ups. This will help you to get to know as many of your startup peers as possible. Remember important partnerships are often made over lunch and drinks, not in a boring stuffy office! Sign up to the Startup Digest newsletter to receive up to 4 news updates a week.

Helping startups happen — edited by Ian Lucey