So it’s half time, middle age
And here I am, smack in the centre of my life; my official alloted time here.

I am thankful for all things, great and small. 
For the highs and lows 
For the laughter and the tears
For the births and deaths 
For the joys and grief. 
For the depths of depression and the heights of ecstasy. 
For love, light, friendship, family, food, condoms, water.. 
Thankful for who I was, the shaping, the moulding, the becoming of who I have become.

I am starting from the middle; my beginning begins now. 
This midlife births a new life.

To the second half of my journey;
I might make it to the end of it, I might not
It might be bumpy, it might be crazy
It might be fun, it might be scary

I might not have all the answers, or even know the right questions 
But one thing I know for certain, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Raise a glass, This is a tribute to me…