I thought I would never finish and I’m here.

I want to make sure I acknowledge my privilege as I walk into this institution, once again.

Thank you, Gracias from the bottom of my corazon to those who decided to help me by reposting, donating, sending positive vibes, prayers.

To all my friends who were there to check-in with me about my emotional progress and everything else, I couldn’t have done this without YOU ALL.

Today is the first day back in LaGuardia Community College for my last two classes before I transfer out to my next adventure ( A university! I never thought I would actually be able to tell people this) It has been a really long journey but I can’t complain because I’ve gained amazing friends along the struggle.

Now to the person reading this:

  1. If you’re questioning your education
  • College is NOT for everyone and as much as I encourage people to go, in no way should this define who you are as a person. A degree does not define you but it could help you.

2. I’m too old for this…

  • You are never too old to follow your dream. I decided to come back for me not anyone else because I want to say Yes! I did it! (Of course I want my mom to be proud but I know she is proud of what I have done in my community)

3. This is just taking too long…

  • Everyone has a different journey, you are human, not a robot. I always said to myself : CRAP! Everyone I know has a dam degree and look at me and then I remind myself; Hey! Hey! You take your time, this is your path and no one else’s.

There is a lot more I can write but I actually have class in 5 mins and who wants to be late on their first day of class? Here I go!!!

OH and don’t forget, SMILE! Bye.

Lucia A.


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