MHS Reunion: Mixed feelings

So have you ever been to a high school reunion? or maybe I should ask, have you been to YOUR hs reunion yet? Not too long ago, I was invited to my first high school reunion. At first, I got this happy feeling of being able to reunite with some of the folks I went to school with but at the same time I was scared because I didn’t graduate from Millenium High School and there are so many reasons behind this. Today I want to share one of those reasons, during my sophomore year in HS I had a difficult time getting through classes due to the amount of work it required but also because at this age I already had two jobs to be able to help my family. During this time, I had the support of one amazing teacher name Ms.Pickering but her support at the time just wasn’t enough ( don’t get me wrong I was very thankful for how much she helped) Yet I was unable to manage my time on homework, two jobs and making sure I was helping my brother. I was so stressed with all this work that I somehow managed to look for help with our guidance counselor and this is how everything started.

I remember going down to counselor’s office and asking for help, it didn’t take long for them to get back to me letting me know they can provide help. I was a bit relieved that I was going to be getting some help and hoping that this would help me get through the end of sophomore year. Just when I trusted this one person to help, little did I know I was digging myself into another problem. As time went by my grades dropped, I got sick to the point where I ended up going from the nurse’s office to the ER and stayed hospitalized there for a few days after meningitis decided to come back into my life. Thinking that I had gone through enough, when I came back to school I was asked to go into a meeting with the one counselor that was “helping” me. This counselor had done research and had prepared a bunch of sheets for a then possible school transfer. I went into her office and she was there all happy ready to tell me that I had failed algebra and that it was impossible to keep me in Millenium with what I was going through, that maybe the choice I had made to go into this school was wrong. She pulled out a sheet and said here are your transfer papers, all you have to do is go through the small process and you can leave as soon as next week, I can even call the other high school.

After this meeting, I ran to the bathroom and cried and I remember a friend coming to me and asking me what happened. I couldn't think of anything, I was too embarrassed to say a word. The next day when I got to my advisory, I made an announcement that I was moving, I was too embarrassed to tell folks I had just been asked to leave the school because I had too much going on at home or maybe my life just really sucked. During this time, the two things that maintain in my mind were, you either kill yourself or self-deport. I’m glad I found folks who helped me get through this stage of my life. After leaving Millenium I was hurt because the majority of these experiences were with the white people in that school, I had some sort of anger towards this school and even some people, including students. Thankfully when I made it to the new school the following September, my dear brother who now rests in peace, Aaron was there to welcome me and hold me for a crazy year.

Throughout the years after transferring, I remembered that my first year in Millenium was the most fun, spontaneous, crazy year. Some hilarious memories to share, I dated my advisor’s nephew ( she hated me for this), I was part of the “mean girls” crew for the first couple of weeks of 9th grade ( It was literally a click of 4 girls), I had a crush on this Dominican boy who was the YMCA staff at our school and so I’d escape at any moment from class to see him and just say hi for the longest and how not to forget I wrote my first novela for my Spanish class (Yerr 9A), I’m still looking for that piece.

Overall, I met some amazing peers, some who turned out racists, some who became amazing professionals, some who are still kicking it with the same group from high school, some who married each other. My fear of going to this reunion was thinking about how many have gotten their BA and even their masters and also whether I even belonged there because I wasn’t part of the graduating class but as I was on my way, I remembered that I’m in a different path as many of these folks and that I have accomplished many other things that don’t particularly have to do with an institution but my community and most importantly that even though my first two years of high school had difficult times, part of the MHS crew made me who I’m today.

MHS Reunion 2018
My advisory ( Lady on far right was my advisor)
MHS 9th grade Mean Girls ( They might disagree)