¿Why social networks benefit very few?

It is an issue that I wanted to meditate, especially for problems that can be generated without supervision .

Since social media exists, opinions and feelings are expressed every day through them . It is inevitable today for humans to not share their plans , adventures , accomplishments … Whatever they want , no limits.

For a reason are social right? A lot of effort is used to manage them and present to the world the best version of us.

Now , last week I was struck by this news, “ Taylor Swift launches Instagram censorship negative comments “ .

The problem that these two women had , actually , I’m not interested at all. Like everything in Hollywood, this is a media show .

What made me think was why Instagram censured comments to her ? Being a international artist , of course, instead of doing this with people who do suffer from harassment, intimidation or worse.

According to the portal “ El Mundo” , cyberbullying starts from the age of 10 years, can generate consequences that are heartbreaking . Or don´t you remember the teenager who decided to set up a video on Youtube few hours before his death sharing his story to suffer from harassment by a person who claimed he had compromising photos of her.

The stories are many, you can find them on your own.

I have to clarify that I have nothing against her, it is that social networks apparently give greater importance to the welfare of the famous than others, which are millions and millions of users worldwide .

For example , again with this social network for photography. I remember several artists have closed their accounts or deleted photos because these celebrities showed nipples as it is considered as “ inappropriate “ .

Meanwhile you can search the history of an account called @ iraquiswat where the decision to kill a terrorist or not was in the hands of people. The question is whether they acted so quickly to remove the emoji snake in an account, I think it is necessary to do with comments that can lead to serious threats.

Another that don´t escape is not Twitter . But realizing the danger of the network, they have eliminated about 150,000 accounts associated with ISIS . According to the government of the United States has decreased traffic by 45 % over the last two years.

With Youtube, I can say almost nothing . Videos of terrorists, fights, threats have been removed because users have the option of reporting them . Even so, they have to leave some more time to analyze them.

Sure, it’s not the same case and we are talking about terrorists. That’s where I want to go , the team of these networks need to give greater attention to the problems that are happening. Consider violent or harassing profiles , be careful with comments and threats. Today , Internet is as good as bad. There is much hatred and resentment, I can say it ‘s because I’ve lived this . You can not comment at all because the bombardment is indescribable threats and obscenities .

It is nothing new that every year have people who commit suicide by cyberbullying , which I find unacceptable. When you can avoid these sad endings if it is put interest.

Just need to work teams of these companies begin to act in favor of what is important and not what the end of the day , it is a temporary situation .

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