How to Achieve Cost Reduction in your Customer Support Budget

Our customers have spoken: they all agree that virtual agents are far less expensive than hiring multilingual agents. Adopting tools that integrate to your Service Cloud CRM platform and automate or semi-automate the interaction with your global customers, it’s a no-brainer in today’s modern customer support operations. 
Don’t get me wrong, you would still need agents to enable communication between your company and your customers, but you would need less resources to accomplish this. How? By automating many of the tasks that are normally performed by human beings, while improving the efficiency in agents’ occupancy rate. 
The most common denominator we see with companies who deal with customers worldwide is what many contact centers experience: the high cost of bilingual agents hired to respond to your global customers. 
To mitigate this high cost, many companies hire an overseas contact center due to the lower cost of labor and availability of multilingual agents, but the brand identity and quality of responses to customers suffers tremendously resulting in drop in revenue due to loss of customers. Others have resorted to phone interpreters with tremendous operational costs. So, what would be the right alternative? Keep your brand safe and customer support standards at high level no matter where your customers may be, by adopting tools to manage your content in multiple languages available in the Service Cloud. 
By adopting automation in customer support on multiple channels, some of our customers have reported an increase in revenue of more than 40% on a global scale, while keeping the contact center support operation in house. 
There are many options and choices available today to offset your customer support costs and the Marketplace offers incredible tools to accomplish this. 
Keep your customers happy and your customer support costs low.