A Letter from the Women Who Aren’t Meekly Taking on the Burden

I have to apologise here, I do not disagree with many of the points you raise, however there’s a few that I’m genuinely quite annoyed you’ve felt the need to tie some of these issues to women and not just people in general (this is for both of you).

I recently left a job where in trying to find my replacement they learned just how much worked I did, this isn’t a case of bragging, this was simply a case of how my job had evolved over time, so this does not just affect women.

And in the response you mention both introverted women and those with invisible disabilities. This effects men and women as much as the other, as it’s all down to an individual not a social grouping.

I am not saying women (and especially those of non-Caucasian skin colour) do not suffer more for these, but as a society we need to start seeing everyone the same: male, female, trans-gender, gay, straight, bi-sexual, black, white, Asian. None of it matters, at the end of the day we’re all human, and as much as I believe we all need to accept the issues that are abound in our society, constantly tying issues to males or females does not help, it just shifts the blame from one side to the other. Until we stop doing that we’ll never see equality…