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Is the way you present your design work as important as the design itself?

No. It’s more important.

You might create the best design in the world, but if you can’t articulate why it’s the best, you’ll have a hard time getting your team behind it. And if you can’t get your team behind it, it won’t get built. And if a world-class design only lives in Sketch, is it really world-class?

Effectively presenting your design work is crucial. You have to be strategic about it. …

While I don’t want to say my mom is a liar, she is one. People do judge a book by it’s cover. What we see influences not only how we feel about something but also how much we trust it.

That mean, no matter who you are sending it to, the visual appearance of your work is judged every time it is shared. The investor deck you sent over this morning. The email you sent to a cold lead last night. The spec doc you shared this week with your team. How it looked impacted their perception of the information…

When I started as a freelance designer, I approached it the way most people do. I created a website. Put together a killer portfolio of my work (looking back, definitely not so killer). Changed my LinkedIn job title. Made business cards. And went live!

I can still hear the crickets chirping.

OTL Ventures was different

When Seamus Nally, first started thinking about OTL Ventures (the “agency” that I’ve been fortunate enough to help start), he did things a little differently than me. In fact, the exact opposite.

To know how Seamus got us our first clients, you really have to go back even further…

Onboarding is essential for one of the biggest metrics in startup land: User Retention. And yet, so many companies do not put the necessary time and resources into creating a great onboarding experience. However, lucky for us, there is never a better time to start than the present! But first, what is this “onboarding” I speak of?

Onboarding = Tights + Spandex + Cape

Some companies think that creating a great onboarding experience for their users is about showing them a carousel with some graphics or text about the cool stuff their app does. …

We’ve all used a website or an app that makes us happy. It accomplishes what we want it to without having to call customer support. It makes our lives better. It scratches the itch that has been driving us crazy. You might say that website or app does all of these things because it’s simple. But I would use a different word: focused.

While there are common traits that delightful products have — like beautiful graphics, clear copy, personality, and ease of use — I believe that the true common denominator for these great products is focus. They take one…

Even if you haven’t ever done research before, you NEED to do it when you are trying to build a great product or business. Research is what helps you understand the people you are building for and the problem you are trying to solve. Research helps you be empathetic. And it takes empathy to build something great. You have to sit in someone else’s shoes and feel their pain to be able to come up with a great solution to their problem.

Research can also be essential in making sure you are building the right product or feature before you…

Luciano Vizza

Senior Product Designer at TurboTenant. Likes good food and a finely crafted cup of coffee.

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