What if creativity disappears?

Happens to everyone, so train

And if one day you wake up, and realize that no matter how you think, you can not create anything anymore, your creative sense is simply not activated, I do not say aesthetic, the creative itself, a simple business card becomes a 360 campaign, of So complicated and difficult its execution. I think this is the greatest fear of all who work with creation, it is no longer enough to live in the midst of constant existential crises, we also have this fear daily.

As much as we know that we live today in a multiplatform, collaborative environment, where the self no longer exists, today we value the nodes, but even so we charge ourselves. It is worth remembering that the definition creativity has many translations, some swear to be a gift, others say it is a set of interest with training, I really believe that creativity is the famous cliché 99.9 perspiration and 0.1% inspiration, magic, The insight only appears after much scratching, applying, prototyping, making mistakes, does not appear as a divine gift — Of course, as there are all the exceptions.

Thinking about it, I decided to write a tip that has helped me a lot in this exercise. All this began with the premise of being doing the most of it, and even though I knew it was not a gift, I felt my ocean exhausting. Agency, by the dozens of books bought and I’m reading, finally, in the middle of this turbulence I developed a technique that helps a lot.

- The Art of not watching the last 30 minutes of film.

Yes, it does seem strange, but as incredible as it seems it works very well, today in all the movies I see, regardless of the place, be it Netflix, Cinema, anyway, I do not see the last 30 minutes of the movie, many look at me strangely when I leave Cinema room almost in the middle of the climax of the movie, my girlfriend mainly. But in doing so, I think the author is spewing information about me, so I carry my sketch with me and as soon as I leave, I write my final, with all the details and wants I want, I do not let anyone say what to think for me, And frankly it’s every absurd story I write, but I’ve come to realize that a lot of this stories I end up using in campaign concepts and projects, something that just needed a push, not the push, the car, the whole thing.

Do the test, it will be worth it, another cool thing is the good old audio book, it works like a process similar to reading, however I do when I’m very tired. I usually close myself in the bedroom, turn off the lights, close my eyes, headphones and imagine all the scenes described, this stimulus helps and much to combat what I call “Atrophy of thinking”.

Now, if one day you wake up and think your creativity is gone, rest assured she’s just sleeping, she needs the urge to wake up brighter than ever.