Delhi’s Odd-Even Rule

So I hear that Delhi government has decided to celebrate the success of odd-even rule.

- If reducing the traffic was the purpose of this policy then yes, it is a success.

- If to check whether people would support such policies in future was the purpose of this policy then yes, it is a success.

Just because people are complying with the policy and there is noticeable de-congestion on the road doesn't mean that the program was or is a success.

It is disheartening to see that no one is talking about data. Our leaders are just blabbering anything to remain relevant and justify the policy.

I would love to be a part of this celebration if they could tell us how exactly has this policy impacted Delhi’s AQI. Let’s compare the data and see the difference, I genuinely want to know.

If government has taken other measures to curb the pollution why is it not being highlighted in media and press like the odd even rule. How are we so called “AAM AADMI” supposed to know? Why government is not putting up one page ad, like they did for the rule, on daily newspaper to let their people know of the initiatives taken instead of talking vaguely.

There are too many report floating around suggesting contribution of vehicle of Delhi to the pollution. One report suggest, it only amounts to 10% while other indicates 80% with such a huge contrast, we don’t know which one to believe and government hasn't been able to come up with one definitive report yet. Why??

Since the situation is really worse, why aren't we spending more time to do the analysis as well?

All I know is someone who has to travel 40 KM both ways to work will not be able to bear the burden for long. He might end up buying second vehicle making the situation all the more worse.

It is easy to cycle when you live within 5 KM radius of your office and becomes nightmare when you have to wait for a bus for 30 minutes not because there aren't enough but stepping a foot in it becomes next to impossible task and then travel 20 KM to Noida from South Delhi.

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