My concerns on #FreeBasics by Facebook — 2

Facebook is seriously becoming a real pain in the ass. It’s annoyingly persistent approach to launch #FreeBasics even after so much opposition is beyond me.

I also read what Mr. Gonugunta had to say about how internet works and how prioritizing is the innate nature of internet. However, here prioritizing is used to balance the workload to make the network more efficient.

Again, I’m not a techie but I think, what net neutrality activist are saying is that, prioritizing done on the basis of “approved list of websites/developers” is wrong. In fact what facebook is doing is even worse, as they would only show results or allow to access only listed websites.

Here is an example, imagine if your cable operator only supplies “India TV” as a news channel, by the end of the month, you would start believing that UFO’s are stealing Cows from some remote village in India and Aliens are drinking Cow’s milk.

You don’t need to hold a degree in IT to figure out that when data is being routed through Facebook server, it would eventually serve them to design the advertisements around it. Google does it too, why won’t facebook? But we don’t see Google pushing us around to sign-up for free internet.

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