Behind the Eye of Hardy Fox, Composer for the Residents: America’s Weirdest Band

Thoughts on the unmasking, and death of the mysterious group’s longtime musical architect.

The Residents, possibly.

For most, “laboring in obscurity” implies a certain lack of success. For San Francisco’s Residents — the endearingly and enduringly strange art/music group that has obsessed its rabid fans and thoroughly freaked out everyone else for over 45 years — obscurity was self-imposed, with the identities of its members vigorously shrouded in secrecy since the group’s formation in the early 1970s.

As Simpsons creator Matt Groening, a charter member of The Residents’ original fan club in 1978 and the author of their first official biography, wrote: “The secrets of The Residents will never be revealed by anyone but The Residents themselves, and so far they aren’t saying much.”

But then, one of them did.