Destroying Your Habits.

Have you notice at the wake up somewhen, how is your head is being fulfilled with thoughts?
The same way it works in a dream, that’s why our dreams are filled with anything but the catastrophe of disturbance.
The dream itself is not a reason for that!
This is how you perceive the world.

There is no. Dream.
For any Carnivore, it doesn’t even have the idea of dreaming.
Primates thought there is still a waking life when they have a dream.
And your brain as well.
Our brain works this way — it perceives the world around us with one part of it, and interact with it, with one another.
The same thing is happening in a dream; meanwhile, the modus operandi inside of a world of sleep is slightly different.
It operates by the same part of our daily routine, which makes your work done.
It’s pretty easy, agree?
When we have an unknown thought, which describes as an opportunity to action; this is the thing which put your dreamworld into chaos.
What does it mean — to control your dream?
Our rational thought by all means controlling our life.
We are a mostly automated system, which conforms to all the behavioral processes, and when we have to go somewhere, talk to someone, or do whatever we have to , we are controlled by habits. 
We go to specific places, and our intercourse circle runs through the particular routine, sometimes even dramas of life.
Our brain distracted by all the confrontations we have in entire life, by dilemmas we leave open, toxic relations, and all other stuff your psychoanalytic would tell you about.
Can you see, what exactly do you control during the waking life? Anything?
Most of the practices like Buddhism teach people to control their life by three metamorphoses:
1) Concentrate on an action, not a result.

When you do that, your brain is switching gears. You are not anymore confronted with a thought type “what if I can’t,” “what if it’s not going to happen,” etc.
This opens you the first idea of lucid dreaming –

It’s a process. The dream is not going somewhere. When you want to reach something in a dream, it happens. Without any notice, you will understand that it ended already, and you never felt something.
Imaging a good story without a story. Only a happy-end.

2) Decide only once.

The complete dreaming mastery is a way to achieve the flow. “You are here and now” one when you can go from the one point to another. You battled a dragon, and you are taking princess at home. You give her freedom, and you have a beautiful beach walk.

Stop taking things seriously; you are in a dream right now. You can make mistakes, and it’s fine — the “not fine” part is a disturbance, and self-abuse in a meaningless mind-punishment.

3) Destroy the routine. 
Different schools are teaching this point in a very different way.
Meditation, yoga retreats, or even crazy party nights (which lead to destroying your further couple of days) — it could be anything.
The main thing is to choose different routes when you go home, or sometimes just take a bus to another city where you have never been. 
Forget about yourself, and start exploring.
This is the main reason why we want to have Lucid Dreams — 
We are explorers, by our nature.

And nature is calling for us every night. To Explore.
Which way are you going to be there?
Let’s meet in a dream!