Fusion Features That Benefit Retail Clients

Lucidworks is a software company in San Francisco, California. Developers of the Fusion open source search platform, Lucidworks is a Red Herring Top 100 recipient and winner of the Frost & Sullivan 2012 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award.

The Fusion search platform offers a range of benefits to clients in the retail sector, including the following:

- Machine learning. Utilizing an artificial intelligence model capable of enhancing queries, finding related search terms, and recognizing synonyms, Fusion takes a signal-based approach to searching that increases retail revenue and helps customers quickly find the products they need.

- Product recommendations. Fusion aggregates a range of user behaviors, including search terms, products in shopping carts, and purchase activities to create a fine-tuned search experience that reacts to the way retail clients use the platform. This research allows Fusion to make product recommendations based on users’ previous activities, which helps retailers increase their orders.

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