Avail Nutritious Food for Your Infant through Double Breast Pump

The breast pumps are essential tools for a soon-to-be mother. If you have preemies or sick babies, these devices will work as the lifesavers for your babies. The breast-milk will be the most nutritious and safest food for your baby/babies until six months of his/her life. The premature or sick babies are incapable of sucking on their own. The breast-pumps will help you express and collect your milk in a container. Your expressed milk will help you restore the health of your baby. The breast pumps will also turn essential if you are a working mother. You will be able to store your milk (up to eight hours) for the later feeds of your babies. The researches have indicated in recent years that a double breast pump is more efficient than the single breast pump. The reasons behind this statement have been mentioned below.

Increased Output

You have to pump one breast after another with the use of a single breast pump. If you are a sleep-deficient mother, this procedure may turn out to be tiring and tedious for you. The double breast pumps will perform simultaneous breast expression and will help you remove your milk faster. This will let you save your precious time for sleep or important tasks. This pumping method will stimulate an additional milk ejection. You will be able to collect 15% more milk than the single-pumping method within the same period of time and with the help of this feature.

Improvement of Ejection Reflex

The oxytocin hormone plays an important role in the production of breast-milk and maintenance of lactation. The milk ejection reflex controls this process. You will only be able to express milk through this ejection process. The short and discrete increases in the intra-ductal pressure, diameter of milk duct and rate of milk flow is known as the milk ejection process. The milk ejections happen simultaneously in both breasts. You may experience these ejections from two to 14 times during a single feed. This number varies from one person to another. The time of your milk-removal will depend upon this number. The double pumping will produce an additional milk ejection. This will increase the pace of your milk removal capacity. You will be able to collect and store more milk in a shorter span of time.

Nutritious Milk to Your Infant

It has scientifically been proven that the fat content of the breast milk increases significantly after 15 minutes of double-pumping. This fat-filled milk is the best source of energy to your newborn.

The fat content of the pumped milk was 8.3% through double pumping during research. The fat content was 7.3% through single pumping during research. If you have a preemie, your baby will be able to consume little milk on a single feed due to his/her tiny stomach. The double breast pumps will help you supply the nutritious milk to your baby after only 15 minutes of pumping.

You may avail these essential tools for your babies from a reliable commercial website that supplies best hospital grade breast pump. These pumps will ensure the healthy growth of your infants.

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