Easy Milking with Hygeia Enjoye Breast Pump

You need to breastfeed your child if you do not wish your baby to suffer from poor health and always stay lying on the bed with sickness for most of the part of her or his life. Mother’s milk to babies does magic to the child’s health and ensures proper growth, stronger bones, enhances immunity power and many other health benefits it has got. Hygeia Enjoye Breast Pump will help you to extract milk out of your mammary glands if you are unable to directly administer milk from your breast to the baby.

People with twin babies born to them might feel very happy, but when both of them feel hungry and start crying out loud for milk the situation gets ugly. Mothers too are human beings and their duty to their babies does not make them immune to irritation and frustration and tiredness. Both the twin babies crying loudly for milk at the same time can make any normal human being go crazy. You do not need to bang your head out of irritation as you can pump out milk from your breast and pour them into bottles and hold the bottles to both the babies, while they stop their irritating shouting and feel happy to get yummy milk.

Mother’s milk, or more commonly known as Human milk contains an array of essential nutrients that will help the baby digest the food better and faster, enjoy the easy passing of stool every day, get all necessary nutrients for proper growth and fight several diseases at the same time.

Babies who are fed breast milk at childhood are seen to take less leave for sickness reason and fall less pry to infections. Their immunity power is quite high. They also have been witnessed to perform better at sports and do better in academic results compared to their counterparts. Their brain development is faster and more compared to those who are not given human milk or are fed on formula milk. Humans have not been able to become smart enough to formulate formula milk that can outsmart the natural milk in the mammary gland of the lactating women.

Those who are giving formula milk to their kids or babies and expecting to boost their health, you all are ignorant of what human milk can do to help a child grow in a healthy manner.

You do not like your nipples being sucked by your baby, its okay for you to feel that way as you have got your own likes and dislikes. Buy Hygeia Q Breast Pump that will help you to artificially suck out the milk from your mammary glands and get it collected in the jars or bottles meant for collection of milk. You will not feel irritation or any kind of pain and also the shape of your breast will not become unattractive or sagging if you use a breast pump for milking the baby.

Motherhood is a blessing and you can make it a happy experience if you take help of modern breast feeding equipment.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The author used Hygeia Q Breast Pump for nursing her infant.

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