Freemie cups are one of the most usable breast milk cups

As it is often said that necessity is the mother of the invention this characteristic ultimately holds true for a free hands free breast pump. There are methods you can you can slide the pumps below your attire and pump the milk for feeding. These cups strive to provide breastfeeding of an advanced kind which is compatible with the current scenarios. Pumping should always be easy for mums, and this is why they have the following features.

The pump and the cups

Every minute counts when you are a mummy therefore pumping can get isolating and consuming. They come with an electric pump and hands-free cups for collection while your hands are free and you are completely clothed. They are easily available online and are the simple steps that follow are as follows.

  • The concealable cups are slid into the bra under the top, and then they are connected to a pump.
  • You can do everything while it’s pumping on its own and finally when you are done the cups may be removed, and milk may be poured into the bottles.
  • It comes with a deluxe set too that has an electric pump. The cup capacity is a total of sixteen ounces.
  • They come with two sets of funnels for the feeding breasts.

The quality of feeding

These cups have very conveniently improved the quality of life. This entails a very modern pumping style which makes it possible for the breast milk to be collected with your top on. Since it is hands-free, you can use it around anyone, anywhere and anytime.