Top Breast Pump for Feeding the Child

You always cannot be around your child to feed her or him directly from your mammary gland. You have got a life of your own and a profession to get involve in for earning your livelihood. You now need to work harder and save more for the little one, who is your own flesh and bone so that you can secure her or his future. Top Breast Pump will help you to work more and save handsomely, while your baby enjoys healthy food at home anytime as and when she or he wants.

Baby should be fed mother’s milk for ensuring proper growth and good health. A baby should be fed human milk only for the first six months of her or his age and along with other semi-solid food items from 6 months to 1.5 years of age. It is said to be very good if your child can be given human milk till she or he becomes 4 years old. If continuing that long is not possible for you, then make sure the first six months after your child delivery, the baby is given only and only your milk sincerely.

For showing this sincerity towards your baby, you do not need to get yourself cut off from the outside life and your job. Just buy a breast pump of good and assured quality and let your child enjoy being in the pink of health. You too enjoy spending time with your dear ones and do work at office or at home without tensing about feeding your baby every now and then.

Free Breast Pump can be availed by couples who cannot afford to buy breast feeding equipment like breast pump. It will help them financially to feed the baby human milk.

It has been found that human milk or rather to say mother’s milk is loaded with several essential nutrients and it can help a baby grow fast and healthy in innumerable ways. Let’s find out how is that ever possible-

  • Chances of getting diagnosed with pneumonia, cold and viral attacks are reduced in babies who are fed on breast milk.
  • Gastrointestinal infection cases are seen less in breast fed kids
  • Chronic diseases like Type1 Diabetes are found to have less scope to bother the persons who enjoyed mother’s milk in childhood.
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and as such deadly conditions are less to happen to babies who enjoy mother’s milk
  • Mother’s milk, unlike formula milk, is not responsible for making babies obese
  • Mother’s milk has been witnessed and is also proved that it can lessen the risk of your baby to suffer from childhood cancers.
  • Better antibody response to vaccines can be enjoyed by babies who are given breast milk.
  • Immunity power or the ability to resist easy onset of disease of babies will increase leaps and bound if they are given only breast milk for the first 6 months of their age and for another six months along with semi-solid foods.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The author is a mother of two who expressed herself using Breast Pumps