Normal Is Unnatural

I am gratefully abnormal.

What we call “normal” is actually conformity and compliance with our programmed patriarchal worldview and cultural way of life of male supremacy: Separation, competition, status, domination, control, consuming, accumulating, and hoarding. Striving to maintain societal expectations with an approved status and image, to look good and feel good about how we look, to look “normal” and to fit in, is an unbalanced and Unnatural Way of Life.

We live life by loyalty to labels, hierarchy and rules of silence, of saving face, of playing nice and polite with the “good old boys.” This creates chronic stress or at times, trauma, for our energies: Our Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul as we live unauthentic lives that are out of Integrity with who We Are as a Human Being. Chronic stress generates heart and other diseases, depression, mental illness, and addictions and suicide to escape.

When we look at life through the paradigm of normality, we never see that Love is the CURR: Care, Understanding, Respect, and Responsibility for the Wholeness of Life, our own and everyone else’s.

We are being shown how corrupt and treasonous to our Souls, to our Spirit, that our “normality” is. We are separated from ourselves and our Natural Intelligence of Intuition, Insight and Inspiration; our Natural Responses of Collaboration, Compassion and Empathy; our Natural Creation of Equality and Equity, Shared Power, Justice, and Dignity and Well-being for ALL.

Natural is our Integrity, our True Nature, as a Human Being: Love, Truth, Freedom. We Lead Life with Self-Awareness, Self-Respect, Self-Esteem, and Self-Love. We only Lead others from this Natural state of balance and integration with Life as Love. You reclaim your Natural state through your Centerpoint for Being.

Until we confront ourselves with Truth, we can never know Freedom.

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