The Malware Running Our Lives: Beliefs Create “Reality”

Today was interesting. I was reminded from multiple sources that our “reality” is nothing more than our enactment of stories and myths that we take as fact.

They all start with the original falsity that we are separate from one and other and from Life. So we start generating labels, definitions, rules, agendas, expectations, etc., our elaborate stories as “proof” and defense of this single false belief.

Men live the male myth. Women live the female myth. Jews live the Jewish myth. Christians live the Christian myth. Muslims live the Muslim myth. Republicans live the Republican myth. Democrats live the Democratic myth. We have nationality myths. We all have personal myths of worthiness, survival, power, and control, of co-dependencies of victim, perpetrator and rescuer. And then we try to impose, compensate for or project our myths onto everyone else creating and perpetuating chaos and conflict and the perception of greater separation.

All myths create a False Reality that takes us further and further from our humanity, from the Truth of Unity AND Diversity, Oneness AND Uniqueness as Human Beings that is required to create a Thriving Life for All. They dictate our life that destroys our Freedom. Myths do not enhance Life.

The American Dream is a myth: Of rugged individualism, competition and working hard to be “successful” demonstrated by material accumulation. It’s a False Reality that we strive to live, expand and defend. It is destroying our nation and our world.

Truth Is we are connected and interdependent. Only when we cooperate and collaborate as equals and not compete and hoard, can we create Shared Power and Universal Dignity and Well-being.

Our myths and stories are malware running in the background that destroys the Truth of our humanity. We Lead our Lives as human beings as we lift ourselves out of control by these myths and falsities into the conscious Awareness of Truth and the Freedom that follows.

Here is a challenge for you. Take one of your myths. Learn as much as you can about an “opposing” myth; go deep in your understanding until you can articulately defend the “other” myth as your reality. Once you do, you will see they are only myths based in false beliefs and assumptions and not real, and you can choose to consciously co-create a New Story based in Truth of Unity/Oneness AND Diversity/Uniqueness that brings Freedom. This is Leadership. It is only when you “see” inherent validity and fully acknowledge the viewpoints of the “other” side, can you integrate it and Lead.

Conscious Awareness of your Centerpoint for Being restores your original, Life-Given and Life-Giving operating system of Truth and Freedom. Conscious Awareness of your Centerpoint for Being brings forth Self-Transformation required to transform our Life experience.

Leadership is Self-Awareness, Self-Respect, Self-Love, and Self-Realization of your Centerpoint in Action. Leadership is Service to Life. Leading is Love as Truth and Freedom. Leadership is Responsibility for the Whole: If not me, then who? If not now, then when?

What’s your Choice?

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