The Meaning and Value of Education

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. ~ Aristotle

Both my parents were teachers and growing up I was instilled with a deep appreciation for education: No one can take your education from you.

Education is not the learning and applying of concepts or facts. This is training. It requires little thought and maintains the status quo and hinders progress and innovation, keeping us tied to the past. Education is not about diplomas, degrees, certificates that document how well we remember and apply preconceived facts and concepts.

Education is expansion from within: Learning, applying and mastering critical thinking (not criticism), reflection on experience and discernment of choice. Education requires a deep appreciation of history and context to understand the implications of our choices for the future. Education endeavors to bring together diverse perspectives, theories, concepts, and facts to generate something new, original and different, never thought or done before that is constructive and progressive for humanity’s universal benefit, well-being and evolution. Education expands our sphere of understanding, respect and compassion beyond our labels and their agendas to encompass all Life.

Education is mastering how to learn and think that empowers our growth and actualization as human beings. Education is the foundation for personal and social conscience and consciousness: The “well-educated” among us consciously generate and create a thriving future for all; they have foresight.

Education frees us from conformity and compliance; it enables conscious choice and expansion beyond the limits of labels with preconceived rules and agendas. Uneducated means limited perspectives and so choice.

This is what Master’s theses and Doctoral dissertations demonstrate: The mastery of critical thinking to generate original thinking. And for some who choose, education is truly a life-long endeavor.

Needless to say, many, if not most, executives and politicians are some of the least educated people: Refuse to look at what Life is showing that works and doesn’t work, keeping and applying the same perspectives and agendas, doing the same things, yet expecting different results. This is ignorance (ignoring) and willful stupidity. It is a failure to think through implications, to engage in foresight beyond domination, installing ideology and reaping personal gains.

A lack of education is a failure to Lead. All education is a Commitment to Self-Education for the Compassion and Wisdom to Lead Life.

Perhaps one of our greatest challenges today is valuing education: Learning how to learn and master Life as Love : Care, Understanding, Respect, and Responsibility for the Whole.

Leadership is Service to Life. Leading is Love.