The Kids are Socialists Because Capitalism is Dickslapping the Planet
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Very good. As you can see in the list of responses, there is an explosion of huge barrel of liberal shit. Some of them had started to recall scary tales from their childhood. Tales about terrifying socialism in USSR and other socialist countries. Of course, they are not giving respect to statistics you have provided in this piece, they are does care only about that lies around Stalin, Mao and so on. Does these people know about the fact, that USSR were most prosperous and fast growing during Stalin? Do they know, that during period from 1917 to 1960 the conditions of life for workers in Russia were improving faster than in any capitalist countries in the world ever had?
Another clowns are pointing our attention to modern Venezuela, probably because they are think, that Venezuela — is a socialist country. But it is not. Socialism — is a public property on all means of production and resources, socialism is an industrialisation and improving of social guaranties for workers. Socialism is a power of the working class. Unfortunately we can not see these qualities in modern Venezuela. I’ve been in Venezuela last summer. And I can confirm that situation there is really bad. But not because of the social-oriented government, but because of the capitalism crisis. Venezuela is too sensible to the oil market, so great oil monopolies of the world could change economy of entire country such as Venezuela. Also, I confirm, that even in capitalism system, Hugo Chaves government was a most progressive and helpful for the people in the history of the country. And don’t forget please, that from mass media owned by imperialism system, by financial interests of monopolies, you are barely had a chance to know the truth about socialism and socialist countries, or even about progressive, social-oriented countries such as Venezuela.