Blurb/Sort-of Abstract:

In my upcoming research paper, I’m designing three activities for a potential Digital Literacies course designed for adult learners.

Ideally, this course would be in a setting that would be easily accessible to adult learners — possibly in an adult learning center run by a non-profit organization — because not every adult can afford to go to college. The intent for this course is to introduce adult learners to new literacies that are being developed with technology and computers. In this course, students will learn to engage with new literacies such as blogging, video, and audio/podcasts — as well as learn to research, process, and share information within digital spaces.

One activity that I am developing involves listening to a podcast (which students will choose) each week and writing a blog post as a response to it. In many ways, this will be a formula familiar to any student that’s been in a literary course, or even a science course — read text/chapter and write about it — and that’s intentional. Learning and getting used to a new literacy can make anyone nervous; my hope is that this level of tradition, along with giving students some control over the content they will listen to, will help make the transition easier. This is activity can also potentially help Language Learners with pronunciation and literacy, particularly with writing.

I’m still developing a lot for this paper, but I know this is an activity I really want to include. Not only because I adore podcasts, but because I believe in the potential podcasts can have in academia. It’s a topic I’d love to explore further.