Three Truths and a Mistake

Since I am new, I would really like to see a calendar created for small business in mind while including -marketing, writing, and photography/GIFs or so on, and along with other relevant news in a one type forum, instead d the four planners I have attached to my sides and always in my roll laptop briefcase(easier, more user friendly, as opposed to almost 200 pages of the one I created, but it does work and works WELL!!! . I enjoy the extra, what I call in my column National Holiday-”NonNational Holiday Day”, yes this might seem a bit tacky for a business, but hey if it fits your audience you go with it, example Yes today is a national recognized Holiday, Mothers Day, but also, in content calendar, National Dance like a Chicken Day, and I create some pretty great content flyers for my clients and my followers as conversational starters or for them self, this week, #National chocolate chip cookie- now that is something happy and funny 99%{some other days are as impotant as a holiday, like respect to out soldiers wife’s and family day} I want to read about and not alway presidential politics mumbo jumbo because we cannot please everyone, as much as I try, but with your help and content of calendars basically already there, whats one more sub-section for yourbteam to kay out because excuse the little self esteem booster, but I did list the vital sections to place into the clander, and about the last thing would be extra “”empty brain pages” blog/column post guide/brain stirm, and a GREAT SOCIAL MEDIA MONTHLY POST WITLL ALL SOCIAL AND NOT ONLY 3 or 4 because yes some are crazy like myself and keep up on 11 and THATS WAS NO WHERE, so lead to creating , Hope’s “ All in one, hopes of Great, productive 2016–2017 Business Year Panner”, Smart-to-Finish Planner.

Sorry for he blah blah blah taking up ur time, but I could also use help to find those you offer right now, location?

Thanks ladies,


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