What I Have Learned From Photographing 400 Towns in Iowa
Cody Weber

Cody, you’re writing is articulate and done with passion, I appreciate that. Being from, and still dwelling in, Iowa I can understand your viewpoint and have seen many towns like the ones described.

However, you have not described the root cause of the issue, that which forces business owners to move outside of our national borders. It is not a simple ‘flick of the wrist’ for a business owner to uproot his means of production and layoff his business family. Surely you understand that taking such drastic measures is not really what a business owner desires?

As the Great Depression showed, when government ‘experts’ and economists try to control an economy as if it’s a machine, everyone suffers. Heavy regulation, tax burden, and so much more interference from government force these business owners to make such hard decisions, and they are hard, to stay competitive.

Trump, nor Clinton, are what our country needs or even wants. Both are a product and perpetuation of what our society has borne.

Gary Johnson, which most people don’t even know, is on all 50 ballots. He, by no means, is not perfect but would be a step in the right direction. Forget about individual issues that both parties would love us to continue to fight over and diverge further on, and look at the man himself, his character, his history.

We need someone to tell us the truth, even if the congress makes him ‘ineffectual’ due to their lack of support for him when elected. Someone to set the example of how we can return to a principled and self-reliant society that doesn’t hold our hands out for our pittance, but allows us to give ourselves and those around us a hand-up.

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