Basic Tips for Engine Maintenance

You finally earn enough money to buy a car of your own. And now you wish to keep the prized possession running forever! But how is this possible?

Well, the engine is the heart of any vehicle and no matter how advanced the technology, it still demands regular maintenance. Else, the car will start behaving strangely with odd sounds, misfiring, rough idling, low power or sluggish driving. A breakdown is imminent and severe engine damage can result in huge repair bills.

Indeed, maintaining the engine properly is imperative for keeping the vehicle working efficiently and safely. Such as:

  • Change engine oil regularly: The engine oil is the lifeblood that pumps through the various parts of the engine and keeps them well lubricated. During the constant journey, it is bound to pick up dirt, carbon and other deposits which can wear down the engine. Changing the engine oil is the most effective way to ensure that the vehicle keeps running properly. Always ensure that you abide by the manufacturer recommendations, which can vary from 3,000/5,000 miles to even 10,000 miles or more.
  • Maintain oil level: While you wait for the next oil change interval, the engine oil keeps getting burned and the oil level may sometimes drop alarmingly low. This can lead to serious engine damage. Therefore, it is essential to check the oil level regularly (with a dipstick) and top it off whenever required.
  • Keep the engine from overheating: Things can get pretty hot under the hood of the car. The engine coolant is what maintains the engine temperature and keeps it relatively cool. However, any leaks or other coolant problems can cause the engine to overheat. Hence it is important to monitor the engine temperature, coolant level, radiator condition and also flush the coolant, if required.
  • Tuning up the engine: Skipping on regular servicing can save a few dollars, but can it outweigh damage done to the engine in the long run? During a tune-up, the technician will meticulously check all fluid levels, spark plugs, oil filter, belts, hoses and other vital components. Low brake or transmission fluid is topped off. Dirty or clogged filters are replaced, faulty spark plugs are replaced. Fuel injectors are cleaned and so on. No wonder regular servicing is a must. Do not hesitate to consult a mechanic if you hear any unusual sounds or sense performance issues. It turns into a situation of “you can pay me a little now or a whole lot, later.”

Apart from the above preventive maintenance, using good quality engine oil is the greatest gift for your car engine. Synthetic oils — like Royal Purple oils — are so engineered that they can provide better engine protection, withstand extreme temperatures and even last longer. And the top quality ones — such as Royal Purple oils— can ramp up the engine performance by withstanding the damaging effects of friction, heat, combustion and more.

Finally, drive the car carefully, without too much of racing or idling, to keep it running without end!