LUCRE trading pool is an account managed by LUCRE trading team on BitMEX exchange. This account is shared with all other investors. Trading algo will be trading directly into this account.

This is an exclusive hands-free service, it is a step further from Auto Trading. Clients have to deposit bitcoin to the company bitcoin deposit wallet. This is a hardware wallet and once live trading starts the Bitcoin contributions will be moved to BitMEX. Wallet information is available on LUCRE dashboard.

This is a commission based service. Commission varies between 20% to 2% depending upon percentage of LCRT held in…

Dear Community,

We have listened to your feedback and we have decided to update our smart contract. This is mainly due to security risks that came with the old version and number of external calls that made transfers of our old contract very GAS expensive.

Additionally, we have decided to migrate from old ERC20 standard to more efficient ERC223.

ERC223 standard has 3 key advantages:

1. Eliminates the problem of lost tokens which happens during the transfer of ERC20 tokens to a contract (when people mistakenly use the instructions for sending tokens to a wallet). …

Step 1. Register on the LUCRE website

Step 2. Finish the KYC

Step 3. During the Private Sale the ETH should be sent only to the LUCRE Fund Wallet. The details of fund wallet address can be found on the LUCRE dashboard tab (see image below).

The crypto market continues to show strong signs of recovery, with most of the top coins experiencing double-digit price growth over the past weeks. The rally could be signaling the end of the bear market that started in early 2018. There have been multiple positive developments in the crypto world since the beginning of 2019 including the announcements of the JP Morgan coin, the $40m Morgan Creek Digital VC fund backed by pension funds and the Samsung S10 smartphone that will include secure storage function for cryptocurrency private keys.

Eurex, a Germany-based derivatives exchange operated by Deutsche Boerse, is planning…

After weeks of stagnation, the crypto markets broke slightly to the upside on February 8th, with Litecoin leading the charge with a 32% gain.

The rest of the market followed Litecoin’s lead, with Bitcoin moving 7% upwards and settling around the $3600 mark. Ethereum went up as well, and it could see some price movement near the end of the month, when previously delayed Constantinople hard fork is expected to go live. The fork will make a variety of improvements to the network, such as increasing scalability and performance efficiency.

On Feb. 14, a major U.S. bank JPMorgan…

Automated trading on the crypto market is executed by a trading software or robot, which is based on a specific trading strategy. The trading strategies consist of a set of mathematical and statistic rules, applied to the changes in price and volume of currency pairs, and are usually based on technical analysis. Automated trading robots enter trade orders on behalf of the trader. It allows users to establish more efficient trading without having to keep on top of the market at all times.

The algorithm monitors the markets to find buy or sell opportunities based on the trading…

In general, selling has been significant over the last week, with the total crypto market capitalization dropping by 11%. The decline was largely caused by altcoins. Bitcoin and ether ended the week down 5% and 11% respectively. Small players and some mid-cap projects suffered losses the most. Bitcoin has started to trade below the $3400 — $3500 support range, back towards the 16-month low of early December 2018.

Cryptopia has still not made a detailed statement on the hack that hit the exchange approximately two weeks ago. It has been reported that hackers made off with an estimated $16m…

Что приносит более выгодную прибыль: торговля критповалютой или инвестирование? Большинство думает, что торговля выгоднее пассивного инвестирования, если у вас есть время, выгодная стратегия, знание рынка и навыки технического анализа. Торговля предпочтительна особенно сейчас, когда стратегия покупки и удержания не приносит дохода.

Однако вопрос в том, как можно заработать на торговле криптовалютой, если вы не трейдер? Ответ: путем инвестирование в проекты, которые торгуют криптовалютой.

Предлагаем ознакомиться с LUCRE проектом или автоматизированной системой для торговли крипровалютами. Система разработана профессионалами с 8-летним опытом работы в сфере статистического анализа и построения алгоритмов. …

The crypto markets have started 2019 lacking any decisive direction. Bitcoin has continued to trade in a relatively tight range around the $3,600 level. The same behavior is attributed to Ether, with neither showing any bullish or bearish trends over the short-term. Over the past months, the market has indeed stabilized and it can be viewed as a sign of a maturing market. With all the progress being made globally, we can say that crypto is here to stay, and it is just a matter of time before these developments translate into positive investor sentiment.

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange…

Since crypto market is pretty volatile, it provides an opportunity to trade and earn by taking an advantage of the swings in the price of the digital assets. Trading can be done manually or by an automated software that interacts directly with the crypto exchanges and places buy/sell orders depending on the interpretation of the market data. Automated systems or trading bots have been commonly used in financial industry but not available to the average investor because to their high costs.

The situation has changed with the introduction of blockchain. Due to transparent nature of blockchain, cryptocurrency exchanges grant their…


LUCRE is an exclusive automated trading system and signal service for Cryptocurrencies, created to outperform the strategy of just HODLing

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