Right back.

I remember i was nothing but a boy, only 24 years old. She was so nice to me I couldn’t believe it, I liked her for so long, she’s so beautiful and here we are, all alone with her in a beautiful room all full of plants and flowers. It was amazing! 
She said - I’ll be right back
I answered - it’s okey Natalia
Felt a little stupid myself but just the thought of being in the same room with her was so enchanting.
When she came back I was kind of shaking. She was carrying this tea for us to have while we were talking. Still didn’t believe se agreed to this. I was in paradise when she sat next to me at this little table and said - Don’t be afraid Sebastian, we’re just two people.
It was like she could read my mind and then I feel her hand on my knee, so warm, she was giving me this smile. I was about to faint but instead I cried, a man, yes crying. I couldn’t take it anymore and what she did next took over me. I thought she was gonna laugh at me but instead she stood up, she took my hands and right in front of me she kneeled befor me. Her eyes were piercing me touching my soul and she said - We’re all beings of love, please don’t cry.
She gave me the best hug I had in my entire life. I sware I was only thinking on marring her, I would live beside that woman for the rest of my natural life. Her arms around me, she put a hand on the back of my head and breath.
What happened then I can’t describe, but it felt like heaven.

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