The Four Corners of the World


This is a time of the year in which people start wondering about the reasons to be alive. A lot of people get depressed critically and commit suicide. We don’t want that. But the issue should be addressed, what are we here for? What is the purpose of our life? Of all life?.

Maybe we could shorten the question and ask ourselves: what are we? It is the main component of “what are we here for?” And therefore is its core, its origin or rout. So, what are we? A thing that moves through time and space to make it to the next mark in time, the end of the year? If that would be the answer I’ll be depressed too.

Let’s now take into account the fact that we are not alone here, there are billions of other human beings in this world along with so many other life forms. The question is big and it doesn’t just involve the oneself but the existence of life in general terms. When things get big as this I turn to the old wisdoms, to the old stories that even survive today, and I find comfort in that place. It has come to my knowledge a story from the native Indians of Central and South America, although I also know North American native tribes talked about this too. They say that we, human beings, come from the “four corners of the world”! Amazing idea. They explain that people can be from the North, the South, the East or the West and every direction you came from gave a special meaning to your life. A lot of iconography is related to each cardinal point, like different colours, animals (considered sacred), elements of nature and even gods.

The main idea is that the four corners are doorways from the spirit realm into our own, so you have for kinds of people, people from the North, people from the West, people from the South and people from the East. This concept was later misinterpreted as geographical regions but the notion itself is a spiritual one. Anybody, it doesn’t matter where were you born, is either a North, West, South or East person and they could tell the difference by the behaviour of each one. They could do this because they new the secrets to the four doors.

Although lost in time and war, some of that spirit knowledge still survives today and I think is very interesting because what I’m about to say makes sense to me.

There are four main tasks people from the four corners had to do through life, and this is the key to all. If you were a person from the West your task was “to know”, if your origin was in the South it was “to do”, a person from the East had “to be” and if you were from the North your task was “to have”. Underneath all our goals and impositions from society this remained as a major characteristic of your behaviour. That’s how the new!

Don’t you find that some people are all about “to be this”, “to be that” while others are like “OMG I have to have this or that”? I found that there is something to it. I confess since very early in my life, with disregard of what my goals were, I always wanted to know, I couldn’t have enough knowledge, about all things! It was (and is) exhausting, it is literally an everyday thing and I can’t help it. I spend most of my life contemplating and collecting knowledge. I’m a person from the West.

There aren’t corners more relevant or important than others. This has taught me to be more understanding about people and why they do the things they do and not something else I could consider more “valuable”. I’ve become less judgemental about what people do and more observant. Apparently the world needs from all this kinds of people and this should be respected, unless there’s some sort of a crime, what everyone else is doing with their lives it could be exactly what their were meant to do.

So, now that you know this, what kind of a person are you? Or like we asked above: what are you? Are you a knower like myself or did you enter through another gate? Have fun and explore, we should pay more attention to the stories from old wisdom cultures.

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