What Don’t You Know

What is it that you don’t know already? That you’re part of something bigger? That there is One God and that’s the source of all living? That is that you don’t know?
That the same God that made you made everything else? And because of that we are all brothers and sisters, and that we should for that same reason love and respect one another like equals before God? Isn’t that already clear? That we shouldn’t take each other’s life?
That we all come from that Source, and will be back to it like all things do? You must know that by now, otherwise you just chose to forget it and not see the Sun that shines abobe all things and I shall pray for you.
All we have been given by His invisible hand. All of it. Of all things you see, which ones did you fabricate with your bare hands? And which ones out of nothing? He made this world like wise men say “out His own essense”, from his own matter. We are made of HIM therefore our very nature is divine, our species and everything that exist. But you don’t know that? That He’s in charge, that you don’t know?
Next you’re going to tell me you believe in coincidences and that you have made yourself! Ha.
If we are made of starsdust then what stardust is made of? Anoher day we discuss good vs evil, which is very simple in fact just a matter of design but don’t tell me now, if you don’t make me want to cry, that you don’t know why the water goes down the drain like winds in a hurricane, like the alignment of the center of a sunflower, like the form of our own galaxy ’cause I can’t take it.
Okey, now if you know and we’re past 101 then I’ll sleep well at night, ’cause you had me worried… I say to myself sometimes.