Boo-freakin-hoo, whanny-freakin-whanny.
Eric Crow

Heard this kind of nonsense since 1968. Too momentous, too much at stake etc, etc.. Well this time there’s something to that “statement” namely democracy itself is at stake. And we just saw what happened. Democracy and the D party officially died in Nevada. Establishment Dems, each and everyone loyal to the 3rd Way, neo-liberal Clinton’s have rigged the system from the very beginning and it has been reasonably successful. It’s unfortunate that an entire generation of young people are completely disgusted by what happened and most of them won’t bother to vote. You should see my timeline! Their loathing for Clinton and the D party is such that a rapprochement is impossible, even unthinkable.

But I wouldn’t worry. The two “Chosen One’s “ were Jeb and Clinton. Goldman Sachs said so very publicly. Now that Jeb is roadkill, there’s only Clinton left, a prolific and consummate warmonger. Look up “Thucidedes Trap” (excellent article on the subject by “The Atlantic”). And expect another arms race to end all arms races. It will bankrupt us all.

And I wouldn’t worry about Trump. Corporate America doesn’t want a loose cannon at the helm of the state but it has to go thru the motions. Network TV, CNN and MSNBC will support Clinton and FOX the same with Trump. Win-win for the advertisers. If all else fails, Wall Street knows where Trump’s body’s are buried.

Me? I’m voting for Dr Stein. I rarely vote D unless they’re progressives. And yes I voted for Ralph Nader.

God bless the American Empire!

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