How To Have Zero Expectations
Gary Vaynerchuk

Hi Gary,

I’ve tried to persuade myself for a similar approach in life but it’s just doesn’t work.. when we expect things to happen in a natural manner, because we have employed effort in creating a relationship with people which matters enormously to us, we have aspired to a form of psychological comfort.. but what is the most dangerous in my own perspective is to depend on this psychological comfort and that is where our disappointment comes from.. to me in a way can be associated to the meaning of a brainwashed because during this process we are ready to make remarkable changes for those people or sacrifices to prove unthinkable acts for them.. I’ve started many years ago to evaluate my system thinking and why do I feel so down when I’m not reaching a state of communication or relationship I’ve detailed life’s aspects into it, the answer has been of course inevitable related to the fact you explained.. having too many expectations from people we are captivated by, hence to seek approval or attention or the feeling of being love is a clever emotional manipulation we are affected by.. but there are feelings in life Gary which we need to receive consistently resorting to, to question why we need them to survive.. we can’t live just seeking to change our behaviour around others to make them happy, we need to understand their perception of why we are exploring these feelings in relation to them.. such as family, kids, relatives.. close friends.. what makes us feel better about them? We have to understand what’s determined them to not deliver that expectation.. and they have to work harder for us to get back with a solution for them..

To me you are a very kind person.. you think if others have got problems and if you can help them to sort them out, you have so much to give to make that situation easier for them.. to me it seems that your life is much harder than any others’..

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